Tips by Text is one of the most researched text-based programs for parents. Studies demonstrate  that Tips by Text increases parents’ involvement at home and school, ultimately leading to learning gains for children in areas such as literacy and math. The effects of the program are particularly pronounced for children who begin with the weakest skills, suggesting that texting programs may help lessen achievement gaps from an early age.

Over the past two decades, we have learned much about the science of behavior change and ways to help us engage in activities that benefit us and our families. Tips by Text was developed by a team of child development and education researchers and applies the science of behavior change to help parents get their children ready for kindergarten.

In order to understand who can most benefit from the program, Tips by Text has and continues to be studied in different school districts around the country and the globe and in different languages. Tips by Text is also being tested in different parts of our educational system including preschools and children outside of formal care settings. This study is an extension of these ongoing efforts and is one of the first efforts to understand how the program can be tailored to the rural experience and how it can benefit families who live in rural areas.

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